Frequently Asked Questions

When can i receive my order?

The production of your exhausts is about 7 business days. After production is ready, it get's shipped to our office in the Netherlands (which will roughly take about 3 business days) and will be shipped out when it arrives here. Depending on where you live, it will take another 5 business days to get to most European countries and the US. Australia, Asia, Middle East and South America take bit longer and will take about 10 business days to arrive.

How do I order?

You can order on our webshop. Simply put the desired product in your online shopping cart, fill in your personal data and pay with one of our many payment methods. If for somewhat reason you can’t place an order please make sure to contact us so we can assist you.

I am looking for a specific product, but can’t find it?

If you are looking for a rather specific part which is not on our site, send us an email or call us! We can always check if we can get you the desired exhaust or pipe.

I am looking for an exhaust, but I can’t find my model or type of bike.

If your bike is not listed on our site, it does not mean we can't assist you. We can help you with just the muffler, we can get you these in any desired diameter so you can get it fitted yourself on your existing link pipe.

I only need the link pipes for my bike, is it possible to order these

Yes, this is possible if we offer the model bike in our webshop. We don’t offer the link pipes on our site separately, but we can offer these. Please contact us for which bike you need them, we will give you the price and order them when approved by you.

Do the exhaust have a E - Approval/ ABE/ are the exhausts street legal

If the exhaust has an European-approval, this is stated in both the product description as well as in the drop down menu when you select your exhaust. If the exhaust has no mention of an E-Approval, it will come without the approval but will always be delivered with db killer.

I want a hard db-killer instead of the standard medium db-killer to make my bike more quiet, can this be arranged?

Yes, this is possible. If you want a more quiet bike, you can chose to upgrade to a hard db-killer (this only is possible for the Oval, Round, New GP, GP1 and GP2 Muffler). Unfortunately it is not possible to change this yourself, you will have to ask us for assistance. Please contact us with your request and we will arrange your wishes!

I want to buy a db killer, what size do I need

If you want to buy an extra db killer with your order, you can either fill in the 48 or 58 mm diameter. We will then add the correct size. If you want to just order a db killer, send us an email so we can advice you on which size you need to order!

Do you also do the assembly of the exhaust on my bike

Unfortunately not (yet).

I receive a message that my Payment has failed

If after your payment the screen states that the payment failed, you can assume that the money has not been written off of your account. You can check this with you account as Mollie, our Payment Service, makes sure transactions are being processed directly. After checking, you can just try again. If the transaction keeps failing, please contact your bank or Credit Card company to ask if they have enabled international payments.

Which postal service do you use to ship my order

At the checkout you can chose between our 2 services: UPS and PostNL. For orders with a total of more than 5 KG we always ship with PostNL to reduce your shipping costs.

Can I cancel my order

Yes, you can cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped out yet. Send us an email with your order number and we will make sure your order is cancelled and refund you the total amount paid.

I have placed an order, but did not receive a Tracking

As soon as production of the exhaust is done and we have received the parcel to ship it, you will receive your tracking. When the shipping starts, you will first get a shipping confirmation so you know your order is on it’s way. You will get your track-and-trace code within 24 hours after we started shipping your parcel.

How do i Return my order

You can always return your order within 14 days after receiving the parcel. Returning the products will be for your own costs. Please do notice that when returning your order, the product has not been used, is undamaged and is returned in the original packaging. You can always check the ‘Returns’ page to see the list of items that are excluded from returning.

My parcel has damage

Unfortunately, there's always the risk of minor damages during the transportation of your order to your door, but no worries! If your item has arrived with damage, you can return the package to us and we will send you a new exhaust.

I have placed an order, but did not get an order confirmation

Our order confirmations are being send from an info address, some of the mail inboxes (Hotmail, Live, Etc.) filter these mails as SPAM. Make sure to check your SPAM, otherwise contact us so we can send you the confirmation

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